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not like any other girl

 so today was good except my ex sent me one of those lame forwarded messages that was all like your my sexi friend blah lah blah
so that was dumb

but then i bought some fabric so im good

love you lovelies


dancing like a fool

well it happened...again!

I sold a handbag this time though

which is stlll way awesome

i think i use those huge spaces instead of periods

ucj that word is weird

anyways....im on cloud nine right now and you cant even reach me with a stick to poke me........hehe

anways just imagine what my happy dance looks like (running man and finger wagging lol)

because thats what im doing (that one wasnt a real sentence because you're not to start words with because.....man weird)

so yeah happy to everyone uh

so this week has been pretty freakin great other than one major mishap.

first of all my mom hires me on to clean her house for about 20 dollars an hour.

then I make my first etsy sale and not only is it for a dress but its in the uk.

then my mom decides to give me a laptop for cleaning the house on top of the cash and it has wireless internet and so in turn i have wireless internet and now i am able to get on the internet like way more because it is inside my FREAKIN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

sooo way too awesome...like oh my gawd...sorry had that moment i apologizeeee

but im just so freakin happy i could poop!

its got to be getting better...a little better all the time.

love always,
angie cupcake

ohhh baby

i made my first sale on etsy....yeahh

currently working on....

some cupcake wallets so look out for pictures and prices!

well its been a hard days night

i got my butt up and posted new things to all of my site which means new things are for sale if you want to look at them they are at angiesplayhouse.etsy.com

you should check it out because it would make me happy and if you love cute clothes and cupcakes it will make you pretty happy too

all items for sale have been posted to etsy but only a few have been posted to ebay.

i also got a digital camera so all the pictures are alot better you can see the color and the print better than the last photos so if you didnt get a chance to see them in all their glory go look okay!!!

well thats all for now folks

im going to go sew some more stuff to sell

oh yeah and for the quilters out there i also cut up some fat quarters i have four avaliable for sale more upon request great for quilting (did i mention that lol)

check check it out girls okay (and guys...if you quilt that is)

thanks a lot lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a good day and go do something fun!


angiesplayhouse on ebay baby!!!


 today I went to alteration nation and put some dresses on consignment

for those of you who live in portland and want to check it out alteration nation is on hawthorne right across the street from the third eye and right next to nomads crossing.....i forgot to write the street down but im pretty sure if you are familiar with portland it shouldnt be too hard to find......

there are some cute ones there but they are not the best

check out etsy for cupcake delights!!!


welcome to angie's playhouse!!!!!

here are a few things to keep in mind when you look at clothing that i have made....

1. its going to be cute as all heck
2. for now it will be in smaller sizes but i am working on patterns for bigger sizes so everyone can enjoy cute clothing
3. im really into sweet lolita fashion right now and my dresses reflect that
4. im just starting out and do not have a digital camera
5. am going to get a digital camera asap!!!
6. i live in portland
7. all of the clothing i make will come with a lifetime guarantee that if a seam rips or other sewing related details occur i will fix it and pay for shipping to and from if that occurs......i want your clothes to stay the best as long as possible

well thats everything i can think of right now...but if anything comes up ill be sure to update!