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Some Updates

Not any new items for sale BUT there are new PRICES on everything. I also cleaned up the etsy site a bit now it seems more clean.

check it out please at angiesplayhouse.etsy.com

thanks lovelies!

listen to that old familiar sound

something happened to me today....

met my dad...i mean the real thing...the one that i havent seen in like 15 years

weirdness and nervousness and i cant really explain why but im sure someone out there understands right?

anyways...he's 6'4 long dark hair...exactly like my mom said: tall dark handsome

i dont know how to feel right now...hes staying until sunday and im having dinner with him and my mom on saturday....he said i should visit santa cruz.....

this is a whole new kind of woah for me

some things

what I would really like to know is why there is so many rules involved in lolita? I am just so curious about that.

and why you cant be nice to people...like if they are nice to you you know...ive met some nice lolis but most of them are just very uptight...is it also a rule to not be acquaintances or just plain friendly with non lolis....just a simple question....

maybe someone could enlighten me to this because you would be very helpful.

i mean i love lolita attire but daaammnnn....

looking through the glass

does anyone know where i can get my hands on a tutorial for a tiny top hat...i know i need felt to make one but im not sure on how to put it together....and i really want a tiny hat!!!!

thank you lovelies


you know you love to hate

anyways...im loving living and could die.....my bf bought me some juicy!!!


starter bracelet

charm #1

charm #2

also theres this really cute lollipop charm but i couldnt find any good picks...so you have to wait to see that one when i can post pics of my own....not these lame internet ones lol

i have been really obsessed with designers lately so heres a few thigns you can buy me if you are a secret admirer or something...lol....or you just want to. thats cool too

betsey candy shoes....both pairs!

just overall so cute i could puke

and of course I HAVE TO HAVE the cupcake charm for my new bracelet...

well thats all....i love shopping

he'd know where we'd been

new items on etsy...some pretty sweet bags if i do say so myself...so sweet i dont want to sell them because they are too sweet...i wonder how many times i could say sweet and it still be a real sentence....hmmm...(pondering) anyways....hot NEW ITEMS! on ETSY...angiesplayhouse.etsy.com to be exact.....did i mention that they were SWEEEET...haha


love you lovelies,

it makes me happy that you work at burgerville

it makes me happy that youre a failure...that youll never amount to anything

that im doing to much better without you

that youll never be a good dad

you can never give him what he needs to be a normal child

it makes me happy that you are low enough to still try and insult me even though its been like 5 months now

it makes me happy knowing that youll probably never be truly happy

and it makes me happy that you dumped me because i needed it to realize that i have to stop going out with losers

it makes me so happy i just might pee my pants


so i got a new camera...i know fast huh lol

and a cupcake backpack

and i also discovered that they have cupcake rainboots which i totally have to have because they are cute

and also had another life experience that some of you might think is unnecessary and dumb but fudge you guys because it was fun

well yeah im happy again yay!!!

and then you get kicked in the nuts

well everything was going fine until this weekend where we get stranded at the river....my camera gets stolen and no one buys anything....not to mention the internet connection that i was getting at my house disappears......well you cant have the good without the bad...soooo get over it.....but i cant sell anything new until i get a new camera so im pissed...
sold some more stuff...which makes me want to jump up and click my heels together...but i have yet to achieve it fully so ill just do my little retarded twitch thing

got set up to go to school...although i will have to take a placement test and start all over again because the previous school i went to does not transfer credits...so lame!

anyways so placement test on friday....working at my moms on thursday and some how finding the time to make some new stuff to put up on etsy....not a visa commercial just my life...which is busy right now

not only do i have to deal with that crap but i also have to hear from (what i thought were good friends) that i dont pay enough attention to them waaahh wahhhh....god get over it people right now my dreams are way more important than friends who were never really that great anyways..and if that makes me emotionaly incapable by your standards....ugh....

but other than that i am feeling pretty good...so lets dance

love you lovelies

angie cupcake